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Foundations For Our Future (Special 3)

Foundations for Our Future (Special #3)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler

All of you who have read the Old Testament carefully will know that leaders rise and fall. Sometimes ignominiously. Ancient Israel had leaders of great wickedness as well as great godliness. We in America have been blessed for several centuries by leaders who - though flawed - have governed our country honorably.

The events of the last five days have been tragic. Much that was good about the past four years has been irrevocably damaged. Much that was predicted has come to pass. Any sincere patriot, of either party or none, is grieved over the scenes we have been seeing. This is not who we in America think ourselves to be. This is not what our godly ancestors expected of us.

When Israel was in dire straights, believers confessed their own sins. (see Nehemiah 1:1-11) This is not the first instinct of most people, who are inclined to rush to blame others, but it is the most faithful thing we can possibly do in these next days.

We at Christ the King/Grace have been hearing, for some time, that the Lord Jesus is calling for a time of gospel reformation in his church. It is easier to hear that message than to believe it. And easier to hear it than to begin to obey it. It starts when we face the truth about our own shortcomings, and resolve humbly to seek the Lord’s face.

Please, please hear me: We must pray and resolve to walk in a new, more faithful, and living way in 2021. All of us, whatever our politics. Together.