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Foundations For Our Future (Special 8)

Foundations for Our Future (Special #8)

by: The Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler


None of us saw it coming. The pandemic of 2020 swept through the world, and much of the way we have all lived has been significantly altered. Perhaps, in some ways, for good. Nations have been rocked, some institutions and organizations have been shattered, and many businesses have been destroyed. More people lost there jobs in the USA last year than in any year since 1939, and things are much worse in many parts of the world. Those who can protect themselves have done so, but often by condemning millions of others to hardship.

Now, in our own country, there is political and societal chaos, and the divisions among us are at a fever pitch. It is still not clear what will come in the next few weeks and months. Believers must continue to watch and pray. Families must do the same. The church must be strong.

I have put before you, in a special eight day interruption to our daily progress through Matthew’s Gospel, what I believe to be true for these days. We all need to repent, renew our faith commitment, and seek Gods face. We must renew our devotion in worship and prayer. We must submit ourselves to the Holy Scriptures afresh, and band together in a small living fellowship obedient to Jesus. It will require reorganization of our lives.

Will you, who are Christ the King/Grace, follow me as I seek to follow Christ this year?