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Foundations For Our Future #8

Foundations for Our Future (8)

by:Jon Shuler

Finding Your Rhythm

Before we continue our journey through Matthew’s Gospel, it would be good to reaffirm the basics of our journey. We are coming to the Scriptures to meet with the Lord Jesus. That is why we are making this time to be still in his presence. That is why we pray every day and ask him to open our minds and hearts to his voice. Learning to do this is one of the most critical of the disciplines we want to develop if we are serious about following the Savior. But it takes time and effort for it to become a natural rhythm.

Jesus clearly was raised to be a faithful Jewish man, and that means he was accustomed to daily prayer, time alone with God his father, regular worship on the sabbath, and attendance in Jerusalem at the time of the Passover. It is our desire to imitate his patterns, as he has given them to the Christian family, and that begins with our daily devotional commitment. We want to make this a time we never miss.

Today we see Jesus leaving his hometown to go to the Jordan River where John the Baptist was calling Israel to prepare for the coming of the Messiah. And now he comes.

The day has arrived for the public revealing of the Son of God.

As you meditate on Mt 3:13-17, reflect upon the day he first came to you, and give thanks. In him you too are God’s beloved.